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Aug 31 2011


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This week, my guest is LK Gardner-Griffie. She is an award-winning young adult author who lives in sunny, Southern California with her husband and three adorable dachshunds. She began writing her first novel at the age of nine, and hasn’t stopped since. Thanks for being my guest this week, LK. Tell the cool peeps about […]

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Aug 28 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Do you ever wonder about things that you figure the rest of the world knows except you? Were you afraid to raise your hand in school because you thought everyone else knew the answer, when in fact, nobody did? This week’s blog is about quirky little things that have played havoc with […]

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Aug 23 2011


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This week, I’m very happy to introduce Maria Savva. She is a lawyer and writer who lives and works in London. At the moment, she works at a college by day and writes her stories by night. Hi Maria, thanks for being my guest this week. Please, tell the cool peeps a bit about yourself […]

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Aug 21 2011


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Greeting, Cool Peeps: Today we’re going to the supermarket. Although we all shop in different stores around the globe, I’m betting we have some of the same peeves. And I’ve no doubt that you, my awesome readers, will have your own delightful peeves to share. Last night I worked late. I was exhausted, but I […]

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Aug 14 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: This week I’m talking about faces in strange places. A little odd, yes, but maybe this blog will help us discover just how similar or just how different we are. Indulge me, please. When I was a child, I loved visiting my grandmother. Her guest bedroom had this beautiful old-fashioned wallpaper with […]

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Aug 09 2011


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My guest this week is Margot Kinberg, a mystery novelist, blogger and professor who lives with her family in Southern California. My sources tell me that she is only dangerous when she writes ;-). I’m honored to have you as my guest this week, Margot. Please, tell the cool peeps a little bit about yourself. […]

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Aug 07 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Last Tuesday, I woke up in a bit of a rush. I had to meet a source for a feature I was doing in Princeton, New Jersey, and that meant that instead of my easy walk to work, I had to catch a train. But I’m a big girl. I could manage […]

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Aug 02 2011


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This week, my guest is Shykia Bell, who developed a love for writing at a very young age and often dreamed of authoring books, but her career took several turns before she penned her first sci-fi/fantasy novel, Camileon. At present, she is working on two sequels to her self-published debut and currently resides in Brooklyn, […]

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Aug 01 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Do you eat out a lot? For both personal and professional reasons, my crazy life gives me lots of reasons to dine in straunts. For the most part, I love them. But naturally, yours truly has just a few picky pet peeves. Yeah, I know, big surprise. In this week’s blog, I’m […]

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