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Mar 27 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Meet my boy, Captain Jack. Isn’t he beautiful? No, he’s not an aspiring flutist. Though he may appear to be in Pied Piper mode, perhaps attracting some rats to play with, he’s really just a boy with a stick. He’s solely an indoor cat, but this was his one outdoor adventure, taken […]

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Mar 20 2011


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Hello, Cool People! Thanks for visiting me this week. I’m the first to admit that I can turn things and people inside out trying to understand them. That’s not only the reporter in me, but also the student of human nature. I’m working toward my doctorate in understanding my fellow human beings, especially men, but […]

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Mar 13 2011


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Greetings Cool People: This week I’m going to say a few words about those brave women of yore. My grandmother used to tell me that life was a lot simpler in her day and in days of yore. “How so?” I would challenge her. “Molly, women didn’t have the worries of the world on their […]

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Mar 06 2011

I HATE TO DATE: No, Really!

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Greetings Picky Ones: I suppose there are women who really love to date. Considering the number of men I have met and dated, one would presume that I enjoy it as well. While, of course, it can be quite palatable at times, it can also suck up more precious time than any activity known to […]

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