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This week, I’m delighted to introduce author Sammy Sutton, one of the nicest people I’ve had the good fortune to meet in cyberspace.

Welcome, Sammy. Please, tell the cool peeps about yourself.

Thank you Molly, it is truly an honor to be interviewed by someone as distinguished as yourself.

Currently, I am writing and editing several works of fiction. I recently released a revised version of King Solomon’s Journey and the sequel Hidden Mountain as part of The Dominguez Adventures. I am also happy to say I am in the process of healing after undergoing surgery in February to remove six benign tumors in various locations inside the left region of my head.

Most authors choose a subject and characters for a reason; what was the driving force behind your need to write King Solomon’s Journey?

About a year after I was diagnosed, I realized that I might not find a surgeon experienced with the particular skills I needed. This reality prompted me to think about my three sons. I’m a talker, so my sons already had heard what I had to say to them as children and young men, but I needed a platform to help them see the lessons I had learned or tried to learn as an adult. So I imagined what I might like for them to know as mature men, maybe around age 40. I decided a story with awesome complex characters would best get the point across.

After deeply personal struggles with health matters, family illnesses, and loss, did it change the way you write now (from a place of health and inner peace)?

When I wrote King Solomon’s Journey I was surrounded by the fragile idea of mortality, my Dad was dying from ALS, and my son from convulsive seizures. I had a tumor that at the time was inoperable. I wrote from a place within my soul as if it would be my last. My son’s seizures were stabilized in November of 2011, and unfortunately my Dad lost his battle with ALS in December of 2011. In February of 2012 an amazing team of doctors removed six tumors from inside my head. I awoke from surgery alive and well without any of the possible surgical traumas. Each day since, I feel a burning inside my solar plexus, I’m alive and well and can now approach life with the reasonable belief that I have a whole lot more life to live, and many more stories to write.

Can you briefly describe what King Solomon’s Journey is all about?

King Solomon’s Journey is a chronicle based on the parallels of science in relationships, humanity, nature, and the cosmos designed to tell a wonderful story, but to also provoke thought.

Have you researched the biblical King Solomon and the possibility that this journey of the Hebrew fleet to the Rio Grande could have actually taken place?

There is a multitude of plausible evidence that suggests King Solomon possessed the fleets the treaties and the path to sail the Atlantic Ocean and ultimately into North America. King Solomon’s Journey reveals much of this evidence.

What actual artifacts that have been discovered led you to the ability to fabricate a fictionalized journey based on realistic findings?

Paleo-Hebrew carvings consistent with those found in the Middle East appear in several locations along the Rio Grande and elsewhere in the United States. The Decalogue Stone at Hidden Mountain does actually exist along with several other carvings mentioned in the book. The inscriptions on the Decalogue Stone have been dated and ultimately were verified in a court of law during the 1980’s. The markings of a campsite identical to those dating back to King Solomon’s time are also ingrained within the landscape.

You bring several elements to King Solomon’s Journey that are not generally connected. Why do you think the ideals of spirituality, mysticism, Paleo-Hebrew pictography and Native American lore work so well together in your novel?

On the surface these people and their cultures seem very different, but the deeper I dig, the more I find hard evidence of our interconnectedness. Advances in science and the availability of research materials have revealed amazing results to me and left me with factual results far beyond my own imagination.

You seem to have an insight into the male psyche. (And what a great insight to have!) I’m curious. Does your home life or work experience provide the basis for the subtleties of male thinking and behavior?

I have spent my entire life around men both personally and professionally. I grew up with brothers and have three sons this has left me in constant contact with the male psyche. In the second book, Hidden Mountain, I wrote from Antonio’s first person perspective, I enjoyed this immensely and am very pleased with the results.

Did you find it important to tie together the physical fictional journey of Antonio and Amanda with their journey as individuals along a path of rational thinking that aligns with mystical and spiritual seeking?

Absolutely, they must conquer their own demons in order to see the greater problems that plague humanity. The differences they bring, and learn to accept, makes them stronger as individuals as well as partners. It becomes a marriage of science and spirituality.

Family dynamics appear to be a large part of the book’s central theme. Do you see this fictional family with realistic problems that can be worked out or adjusted as important for the characters to succeed on their journey?

I think families are like battery-operated electronics; they work best when all the cells are operating, and it is important to strive to achieve the proper function. I believe those between parent and child are vitally important. It is not always possible. Antonio’s relationship with his father is the most commented on in the book.

Do you think that in reality, we as humans need to adapt and come closer to the ideals of Antonio, Amanda, and other deeply mystic characters in the book?

I think it is a vital component to achieving better relationships both intimate and social. I think everyone should have at least one relationship in his/her life that is chemical, whether it is intimate, professional or friendship everyone needs to feel connected to another on a molecular level. I believe these same characters provide important ideas about our relationship to Earth and man’s ability to adapt to change he cannot control.

What are you doing right now, while you plan the next adventure for Antonio and Amanda?

Writing, biking and from within the spin of a hula hoop, I’m breaking in my hiking boots so in July, I can climb Hidden Mountain with a gold club!

I’m forever being called picky, but I maintain that we are all picky creatures. What are you picky about?

I’m picky about a lot of things, both professionally and personally.

Where can people find you in cyberspace?





Amazon Author Page

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Hidden Mountain (Amazon)

King Solomon’s Journey (Amazon)

Any parting words for the masses? Any shameless plugs?

I would like to encourage your readers to read the current installments of The Dominguez Adventures so they will be well involved as the next two adventures are made available, Reliquary of Dimensions and the fourth, well they will just have to wait as we must withhold the title for now, but both are sure to surprise and please.

Molly, many thanks for this opportunity it has been a lot of fun.

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5 Responses to “MEET SAMMY SUTTON”

  1. Lisaon 26 Jun 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Hi Molly and Sammy,

    Molly, you seem to find these amazing people with such inner strength who are just awe inspiring.

    Sammy, many moons ago, I felt I needed to document certain life experiences for my children when they were quite young. Our daughter, at the age of 7 was going through a very rough time in her life with uncontrolled seizures and being so young and not knowing the damage that was possibly being done to her little brain, I wanted to have things written down for her that may help her in her adult life.
    I love that you wanted to write a book for your sons to learn about family & relationships and I loved the analogy of a family is like battery-operated electronics. I think sometimes I let my batteries get to low.

    I am so happy you have had success with your operation. So wonderful. And even more so that you have a burning inside your solar plexus 😀 We all need that hey! Love it.

    Take care and the best of luck with everything. 😀

  2. Stuart Ross McCallumon 27 Jun 2012 at 12:52 am

    Hello Molly & Sammy:

    Thank you for a wonderful interview with, (who I consider to be one of the most truly admirable people I have met online or in person) Sammy Sutton.

    I was fortunate to connect with, Sammy, via Twitter many, many, months ago. We instantly hit-it-off as we share many life experiences, and value ‘real’ people we meet online.

    Sammy’s writing has incredible depth and realism. Knowing some of this courageous authors back story just adds to the enjoyment of her fabulous tales.

    Thank you both for an insightful and brilliantly done interview.

    My very best, Ross

  3. Sammy Suttonon 27 Jun 2012 at 3:43 am

    Lisette, Lisa, Ross,

    Your support means everything to me. Lisa I feel I share a sisterhood with you as we are both support systems for loved ones with epilepsy. You, my friend seem to cope with a grace I do so admire. Thanks to all of you for being an inspiration!

    Much Love,

    Sammy Sutton

  4. Maryon 27 Jun 2012 at 12:40 pm

    An inspirational life, Sammy. I’m so glad your son stabilized. We shared that walk, as my brother-in-law did not. I’m more glad you’re doing so well.

    I enjoyed King Solomon’s journey. It was neat to learn of the motives behind it.

  5. Sheri Wilkinsonon 29 Jun 2012 at 6:50 am

    Fabulous interview with an amazing woman. You interview the most fascinating people. My TBR pile is forever growing !

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