Jul 26 2011


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This week, I’m honored to have the sensational Olivia Wilder as my guest. Olivia is a Blog Talk Radio host, accomplished artist, writer, and all-around amazing woman of great spirit and energy.

Welcome, Olivia. It’s an honor to have such a multi-talented soul sister as my guest today. Tell the cool peeps a bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you get your passion for life and all that you do?

Thank you so much for asking me. People never want to interview me; it’s the other way around! I was born in Wisconsin, moved to Florida for high school, then to Boston, Arizona, California, and back to Arizona. I have had a lot of – shall we say, challenges, in my life. At age eighteen, I was hit by a car doing 60 mph and pronounced dead in the hospital three days later. It was written up in medical journals- impossible that I lived. (It took me a full year to completely recover). I learned to appreciate and live in the moment, in gratitude, since. I truly love life and humanity so much. I am like a sponge, and I want to absorb it all! I only sleep five or so hours a day because there’s so much more I’d rather be doing.

You are quite a star on BlogTalkRadio—a featured host with nearly four-hundred conversational interviews over the past three years. Wow! First please tell us about the shows that are currently on the air.

(Laughing) No, no- I interview stars and other people who interest me! I’m no star. I do one-on-one interviews on Tuesdays and some Thursdays, 7 pm PT/10 pm ET. My Sunday Art of Living show, 6 pm PT/9 pm ET, features well-known chefs, experts in wine, style, design, etc. — everything that puts an exclamation point on the end of living. I recently also reincarnated a weekly show by request, on Wednesdays, 4 pm PT/7 pm ET, with guest co-hosts, strictly talk- with an accent on offbeat stories and humor. I’m very serious about humor, pun intended.

Can you tell us about your favorite celebrity guests? Any horror stories? Who would be your dream interview?

A couple hundred or so shows ago, I could have told you. Now I have interviewed so many wonderful people I would be doing a disservice to them all by picking a couple favorites. But recently, I could have talked to both Beau Bridges and Richard Thomas for days. Warm, fascinating, spiritual, and engaging. In 2008, Jackie DeShannon (“What The World Needs Now Is Love”) told wonderful stories of traveling with the Beatles, hanging out at Elvis’ house (he was her fan!) and so much more. She sang the song at the end of the show. Goosebumps. I love all my guests so much and just feel so lucky that they agree to spend some time chatting with me. Dream interview? Not a cop-out, but too many again. A few: Sir Richard Branson, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Steve Martin, Oprah, Joan Rivers, I’d better stop here.

How did you get started doing these internet radio shows? Can you give us a brief history?

Walking on the beach I was thinking of things I might have done with my life. Being a talk radio host came to mind, as I’d always thought I’d like that. A week later, a friend told me in a phone conversation that I’d make a “great radio talk show host.” I took it as a sign from the Universe, and found my way to the network online.

In addition to being a radio host extraordinaire, you’re a brilliant painter. I am in love with your art. I would so love to hang one of your paintings in my humble abode here in Swansea. How did you get started? Are you self-taught?

Thank you so much. I am a completely self-taught drawer; I’ve still never had a lesson. I found an oil painting class here in Scottsdale over thirty-five years ago because I wanted to learn oil techniques, color and application. I never stopped. I love to paint; it feeds my soul.

Please, tell us a bit about these paintings below:


I took some photos in St. Helena, Napa Valley, California, a few years ago while visiting my sister and brother-in-law, who are in a league. I loved the body gestures and hats, etc. of the men. Had to paint it.


I met Haely when she was the girlfriend of a comic I had on my show. We hit it off immediately, and when he came to Phoenix to perform, I met them both, and we became great friends. She’s a beautiful girl, from the inside out, and I painted this portrait for her birthday.

(Sky Tree)

I did this from a photo online. It’s just a simple tree on a hill in Scotland, but the brilliant sky inspired me.


Years ago I took some shots in the subway in Boston. I really liked the darks and lights and the tension between the woman and man passing glances, which I pretty much made up. They weren’t in any photo I took. I love Edward Hopper and was inspired by the lonely “write your own story” paintings he did so well.


Ah, Fudge. He was the resident cat at my Vet’s clinic here in Scottsdale. It took two people fifteen minutes to get him to look up for a split second to get his amazing eyes in a photo. I do a lot of pet commissions, as well as portraits.

Do you accept commissions for your work? How can the cool peeps get an original Olivia Wilder painting?

Still trying to get my website up, but I can be reached on oliviawilder@gmail.com or via Facebook email. I will work with anyone’s ideas, and paint in oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

I know you have a passion for writing. What have you written? What are you currently working on? Any dream projects?

I do! I have only had published a few poems years ago, but I only can write those when in a state of some angst (laughing here), and I’m too much at peace now, I guess. I am writing a “chick lit” novel, that has a lot of humor in it. Also, I’m in the researching stage of another more serious book about four women with separate back stories, who all come together and through their relationships, learn valuable insights about themselves and powerful life lessons. I think if I ever find the time to finish it, it could be really good. My dream project would be to write a screenplay for a movie of that book. I already have the cast picked out!

You are a big believer in the Law of Attraction. I’ve always been fascinated by that. Can you tell us more?

Basically, thoughts become things. The video of “The Secret” really helped me to learn how to catch my negative thoughts I didn’t even know I was having, turn them around and oftentimes get instantaneous desired results. It’s really amazing. You have to make sure you don’t focus on what you don’t want to happen, because the object of your obsession/thoughts is what you’ll get. Example: If you are thinking, “I’m running late. I don’t want to be late. I can’t be late.” You’ll end up late, because your focus is “late.” Instead visualize green lights. If you want more money, don’t pay with plastic all the time. Keep a few dollars in every pocket. Like attracts like. Instead of being “against” something, be “for” the opposite of what you’re against. It really works.

Anyone who knows you knows that food is another one of your passions. You regularly post photos of your super-delicious meals on Facebook and make your friends’ mouths water. Aside from the sustenance it provides, why is food such an important part of your life?

Oh, I’m laughing here. Isn’t food an important part of everyone’s life? We need it to live, right? But for me, it’s part of my artistic, creative self; creating good food is just another form of art. A way to combine two loves into one: Cooking and eating! I love my chefs and chef shows on TV, which is how the Sunday Art of Living show came about. Food is a great enjoyment in life, and I believe in enjoying all aspects to the fullest! (And I’m a really good cook!)

If you could have a dinner table and invite your favorite people from history, whether dead or alive, with whom might we find you dining?

Oh, that would be a banquet table that stretched from coast to coast! I’ll just pick people past: Albert Einstein, Truman Capote, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance, Julia Child, Will Rogers, Rosalind Russell, Ernest Hemingway, Cary Grant, J.D. Salinger, Grandma Moses, Bob Hope — I could go on and on, but I won’t. What a motley smorgasbord of wonderful deliciousness it would be, though!

Social media is terrific, but it can be a great big time vampire, too. What advice would you give to people trying to use social media effectively?

I need advice myself! For me it is important to always be true to who I am, and what my needs are. I don’t have the time to tweet all day, or even every day. I use Facebook for my show promotion, but I also have met some wonderful friends through both, and I care about them. I love the way the world has grown so much smaller through our means of being connected now. I think basically you need to care, not just push an agenda or sales pitch. That’s just annoying.

I’ve been forever called picky, but I maintain that we’re all picky creatures. What are you picky about?

Oh, I so prefer “selective!” And yes, I agree. I’m very picky – I mean selective- about whom I call friend, and who gets my precious time. No whiners, Debbie Downers, or energy vampires allowed!

Where can people find you in cyberspace?

For my archived shows on iTunes (please subscribe – it’s free!):

Facebook Group (Olivia Wilder Times)

My Facebook Group (for upcoming guest events):


And my soon-to-be (I hope) website:

Any parting words for the masses? Any shameless plugs?

I am shameless, but I’ve plugged way more than I would normally do already.
I will leave the masses some parting words that resonate with me:
Don’t love anything that can’t love you back. Seriously.

Oh, and I’d love to paint a picture for you! (See? I am shameless!)

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13 Responses to “MEET OLIVIA WILDER”

  1. Lisaon 26 Jul 2011 at 10:57 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this interview with the amazing Olivia. WOW. Yes we have met hahaha Twitchy’s the name and having a fabulous laugh on your radio show was my game 😀

    What a breath of fresh positive air you are. Love it!!!!! Lots of exclamation marks for you both.

    Looking forward to tomorrows show too 😀

    So much talent!!!!!!

  2. Stuart Ross McCallumon 27 Jul 2011 at 1:54 am

    Hello Molly,

    Thank you, & (of course) Olivia, For providing this fabulous interview with the incredibly personable, multi-talented, Olivia Wilder.

    Olivia’s back story is fascinating. She has literally grasped life with both hands and made the most of every moment of each day. Inspirational is the word that immediately enters my mind. However, there is so much more. With undeniable talent, great sense of humour, I am sure Olivia’s path in life will be paved with happy memories.

    Thanks again, Stuart 🙂

  3. Marie Riddleon 27 Jul 2011 at 9:25 am

    Great interview and story about Olivia Wilder!

    She is such a positive and inspirational lady. 😉

  4. Olivia Wilderon 27 Jul 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Thank you SO much, “Molly,” for not being “Too picky” to pick me to interview! I am truly touched and honored. It’s weird having the tables turned. I think I’ve given away so much personal info on my shows, there’s no curiosity left! In fact, I am giving my “like” page as my website (on Facebook) because I noticed today I have one fewer “likes!” Mon.dieu……
    And thank you Lisa and Stuart- what kind and flattering comments! Would that I could live up to them!

  5. Pam Rogerson 27 Jul 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I got to know you a lot better through this interview, Olivia, and your a very special woman who I admire very much. I always look forward to your interviews.

  6. Anita Nelsonon 27 Jul 2011 at 2:15 pm

    This is my FAVORITE interview in a VERY long time~! It encapsulates and showcases all of the things I love about Olivia and gives further explanation~! The paintings are absolutely fabulous and I had no idea she was taking commissions, so maybe even I can get one 🙂

  7. sheri wilkinsonon 27 Jul 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Great interview! Olivia is very talented. I enjoyed her blog radio show. It was a good time. I intend on checking out her web .

  8. Shykia Bellon 27 Jul 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Another great interview, Molly!

    Olivia, I listened to your blog radio show with Lisette tonight and had a blast! I’m amazed at how much we have in common. Like you, I also only sleep for about five or so hours most days. It’s wonderful that you pursued your desire to host a radio show. The Universe has an awesome way of sending us signs that direct us toward the things that will make us most happy, passionate and alive. Your paintings are wonderful! Your love for life really shines through each one, but Fudge and Sky Tree are my favorites. I haven’t drawn or painted in awhile, but am looking to pick up my pencils and brushes again in the near future. I, too, believe that the Law of Attraction is a very real phenomenon. It really does work and it’s an amazing feeling when it does. The trick is to stick with it. I’m relatively new to the idea, but it speaks to me like nothing else. I’m so glad I found out about you through Lisette and Molly. You’re truly inspirational and your energy is so refreshing.

    I wish you continued success in all aspects of your life.


  9. Olivia Wilderon 27 Jul 2011 at 9:05 pm

    First of all, thank you, Lisette so much for being my co-host today on Party Line. It was so much fun and I love your creativity and spontaneity. You are so invited to come back anytime (♪♫ See you in September…♪♫) lol. Thanks again!

    Pam, you’re such a loyal listener, and I’m so glad you enjoy the show, as I enjoy seeing you “there” in the chat room. Thank you for your kind words.

    Anita, Leo-ness sister, coming from you, your kind words mean a lot. You are so focused and hard-working, I have always been so impressed by you and a little bit awed. I would love to do a painting for you, anytime. Thank you so much. ♥

    Sheri- so nice to “meet” you today via your wonderful creative contributions to our soon-to-be (no doubt) award-winning story! LOL Hope to see you in chat again!

    Shykia- ditto you, girl. Very nice meeting you and so nice to hear we have some core things in common! Yes, the LOA is truly amazing. Positivity has gotten me through some very hard times in my life- the “accident” (there are none!) was only one of many, – but the LOA takes it further and makes you realize that you are truly what you create yourself to be every day. We’ll have to chat sometime!
    I’m so glad to hear you’re picking up your brushes and pencils again. I hope that I inspired that a tiny little bit. Please stay in touch, and drop in on the show again. Thanks so much for your wishes; I wish you the same.

    And Lisette- you’re totally amazing. Love you, girl!

  10. Jack Smytheon 29 Jul 2011 at 6:31 pm

    I have been fascinated by this woman for several years and I think your interview did an excellent job of capturing the heart of who she is and what she is like, which is a beautiful effervescent soul full of life, love, talent, intelligence and possitivity. Many kudos for an excellent interview, Molly Hacker!

  11. Olivia Wilderon 31 Jul 2011 at 9:26 am

    Thanks, Jack. That’s very sweet of you to say.

  12. Christa Polkinhornon 01 Aug 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Very inspiring interview.
    Love those paintings!

  13. Marta Moran-Bishopon 01 Aug 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Molly and Olivia thank you so much for this fabulous interview. I too listened to the show the other night and was in the chat room.

    I am so happy to have the chance to get to know Olivia a bit better. What an inspiration you are. I too have had near death or should I say been proclaimed dead, surprised the world when I am still here fifty years later.

    I love your art, your sense of humor and ability to laugh at the world. I am fully in awe and a fan now.

    Thank you.

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