Jun 26 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps:

Let me ask you this: What does your ride say about you?

I know some peeps are just happy to have wheels to take them where they need to go. Let’s face it, we’re in some tough financial times, and having a car to match your personality isn’t at the top of the average person’s list. That being said, when I see certain vehicles, I can’t help but wonder if the owner is male and what he might look like. And sometimes, when I see a particular man of interest, I like to play a game with myself and guess what kind of car he drives.

Wanna play? Please, come along with me for the ride.

I live in Swansea, a town where a lot of men ride golf carts in their spare time. Most of them have big bucks and associate with people like the town’s she-devil, Naomi Hall-Benchley, whom I avoid like moldy fruit. Nothing against golfers, peeps, just sayin’ we probably won’t go clubbin’ together.

Isn’t this DeSoto cute? The last ones were manufactured in 1960. I’m thinking the owner probably isn’t as old as his car, probably has a much newer ride that is cool and sleek (and actually runs), and just might be a hip dude…or not.

My guess is that the driver of this Mini Cooper certainly won’t be anywhere near as tall as Gary Cooper was, and also that this “he” might just be a she. Mini Coopers also make me just a wee bit claustrophobic. Thoughts?

I’m sure this is a beautiful dream in progress (aren’t we all?), but let’s keep moving. In fact, step on it!

Who owns this fab truck? I want to meet him.

Okay, peeps, this is a cute little red-wheeled number, you think? But the freakin’ wheels remind me of a dude I knew who wore clown shirts with big red buttons. I can’t look at this car without expecting that guy to pop out of the trunk like a jack-in-the-box.

When I look at this photo, I’m thinking, “Knock, knock, anyone home?” I’m guessing that the owner of this vehicle also lives here. Might be a rad place to hang for the evening. I’m picturing a dude with long hair who’s probably got a guitar and a “stash” stashed somewhere in here.

This one blows me away. Richard Nixon was president from 1969 until 1974. And this dude voted for him and kept the bumper sticker in mint condition. Looks like the owner of this car spends a lot of time keeping the car in spiffy condition, too. Moving right along…

This snazzy vehicle is shared by a bunch of cool New Yorkers. Really, what an awesome job to taxi tacos around! If you ride over enough potholes, they will come out of their shells for sure and spill their guts.

This one has me curious. I have no idea who might own the truck, but if he is as cute as his dog, it’s a date!

Normally, I’m not digging guys who use chauffeurs. But in this case, I think I could be forgiving.

The guy who owns this truck has a great sense of humor and a loving heart. And he also might have a very large…uh…car alarm.

The guy who owns this car might be a hunk, but why do I think that his dog is going to guard and protect him forever — even from lil’ ol’ me?

Peeps, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that all of the guys who drive this ride are well traveled and look hot in a uniform. I think a woman has to be very secure to date a pilot or any man who’s out of town a lot. Not saying it wouldn’t work, though…

Okay, I’m coming clean. This ride is owned by a woman. A very hip friend. And this sweet dog has the name of all names: Molly. What can I tell you? Just had to share.

Dreams are made of rides like this one. This guy is magical. He eats to his heart’s content, yet he still fits down chimneys and flies through the air. He is the most well-traveled man ever, even though he stays put 364 days a year, and when he rides over Naomi Hall-Benchley’s mansion, he shouts “Ho ho ho” as he makes hoop shots with coal that go right down her chimney and into her stocking. What a guy!

Let me hear your stories. I know you’ve got some.

See you next week,

Yours in pickiness,


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  1. Stuart Ross McCallumon 27 Jun 2011 at 1:37 am

    Hi Molly,

    Reading your entertaining blog is a fabulous way to welcome in a new week. I have to say, the owner of the fastidiously maintained car sporting a ‘Richard Nixon’ bumper sticker is the standout for me.

    Your captions describing the owners’ personalities and/or bank balances are great. Sadly, my current mode of transport doesn’t reflect my personality. I always considered myself as an Aston Martin type of guy. However, my bank balance suggested roller skates. See you at the rink. 🙂

    Thank you Molly.

    Stuart 🙂

  2. Mollyon 27 Jun 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Hey there Stuart:

    What a funny comment; wish all men were as witty as you. 🙂 I think I’ve spent so much time thinking of my dream man that I haven’t worried about a dream car, though I must admit, I’ve seen some rides that I’ve absolutely coveted.

    I live in a small town and walk to work, but I drive all over creation for everything else. But you know, rolling to work wouldn’t be a bad idea. Thanks for your delightful comment.


  3. Leigh Annon 27 Jun 2011 at 4:54 am

    Dear Molly —

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the Mini-Cooper. God forbid you ever are involved in an accident in one of those things. It may get terrific mileage, but that money you save on gas will come in handy in paying those hospital bills! I’ll stick with my behemoth SUV, where it’s a little safer.

    I agree with your comments about pilots and their outward characteristics. Sadly, the ones I have known have been pseudo (or blatant!) man-whores, so I tend to avoid that crowd.

    Loved the photos of the dog, especially the one sitting on top of the car glaring ominously. Did you notice the sign behind the animal? Looks like it might say “Trespassers will be prosecuted . . .” Wow . . . Gulp. Moving on!

    Thanks for another awesome post!

  4. Mollyon 27 Jun 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Hey Leigh Ann:

    I didn’t have any space for it in this blog, but I really wanted to say something about the SMART car, too. Yeah, God forbid you’re in an accident with a Mini Cooper or a SMART car. Just not good. Scary stuff.


  5. Harriet Lacaroton 27 Jun 2011 at 5:25 am

    Hello there again Molly,
    I love cars. I especially like old cars that have been kept in mint condition. I think it says a lot about someone actually. But only the classics or the expensive cars. The inbetween cars, if left standard are most likely not what the driver is all about. But then what would I know :-/

    Most of these cars I have never seen before. wow. I think my favorite is the DeSoto.
    The Combie van reminds me of a guy I went out with. On the first date, we drove to the ocean. A very secluded beach too, naive me was unaware of his intentions. Wall to ceiling carpet and only one thing on his mind- more hands than an octopus!

    Well, that thought was quickly expelled and it was strangely time to head home- thank you very much.

    The yellow cab reminded me straight away of ‘The muppet movie’ and Fozzie Bearrrrrr hehehe.

    I kinda like the Aston Martin guy ;D

    Thanks Molly for another extraordinary post. Where do you get your ideas darlin? Love em 😉

  6. Mollyon 27 Jun 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Hey Harriet:

    I loved your story. Haven’t we all had our share of octupuses/octupi — and not the kind that come out of the water. Oh, and those vans with surround-feel carpet. I had a college prof who drove one of them. We all thought it was totally cool until we realized he lived in it. But that’s another story.

    Vintage cars in mint condition are so cool. I try to keep my ride in great condition, but the only machine that I really aim to keep in the best condition possible is ME.

    I’m on the fence about guys and their rides. Not the most important thing, but sometimes it’s a very telling thing. If a guy has a car filled with junk, he’s just not gonna be the one for me. But a guy who spends every waking moment obsessing over his car is surely not the one for me, either.

    So, you like the Aston Martin guy, huh? 🙂 He’s pretty cool, for sure.


  7. Leigh Annon 27 Jun 2011 at 7:56 am

    Hi Harriet —-

    Your post reminded me of what can often be seen in many metro cities throughout the US, and perhaps other points in the world: cars, such as a Chevy Impala, or a Ford Escort, for example, that are loaded down with expensive wheel rims, paint jobs, stereo systems, and window tinting that costs more than the car was worth when it rolled off the assembly line! Have you ever seen such?

    And Molly, what do you make of such vehicular monstrosities as what I describe?

  8. Mollyon 27 Jun 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Hey Leigh Ann:

    Great to see you again, g/f. I know exactly what you mean about the jazzed-up cars. For some guys, it’s what they enjoy doing and I think everyone should have fun with something. That said, am I going to be interested in a dude who tints his windows and goes for all that — I think not! Of course, I knew some guys in H.S. who did that and I thought they were pretty cool. But now that I’m a grown, refined, cultured woman of the world (do you believe that), I look for a wee bit more.

    Great comment, g/f.


  9. Harrieton 27 Jun 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Hi there Leigh Ann—

    Actually, I am very familiar with these places. My son, who is all grown up now, spent most of his money when he was 19 on his Holden Commodore. He put fancy wheels on it, nice chrome ones, a sound system which would literally blow my mind and these fancy blue lights which he put under the car so at night it would glow. Some would say he just threw his money away, but actually what it did was keep him off the streets and away from gangs and night clubs. I knew where he was too 😀

    He was part of a car club and learned a great deal. He now has worked his way up in the car industry.
    I’m very proud of him.

    My favorite car is the 1957 Chev Corvette. My freedom machine 😀

  10. Sheri Wilkinsonon 28 Jun 2011 at 6:27 am

    Ahhhh the car…something we just can NOT live without. First I have to say, I agree with you on the mini cooper, I am a petite woman, but I have no desire to drive a “coffin on wheels”, the thought of getting in an auto accident in a tiny car gives me the shivers!

    I did enjoy looking at the cars from yesteryear (now is that even a word?) LoL Any way my question is what was your fist car folks? Mine… a Plymouth Horizon! ha ha ha
    Great article Molly!

  11. Mollyon 28 Jun 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Hey Sheri:

    How are you, g/f! I think old cars are cool — they have lots of stories to tell; that’s for sure.

    My first car? It was a used gold Camaro that my day bought from my uncle for me. I was so jazzed to have wheels. E-freakin-lated!

    Thanks for stopping by. You always make my day.


  12. Christa Polkinhornon 28 Jun 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Hi Molly,

    I have to admit I’m not a car person. As long as the set of wheels gets me where I need to go, I’m fine–but I’m not a guy either. I kind of like that little Mini Cooper. I do love the dogs though, cute guys!


  13. Mollyon 28 Jun 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Hey Christa:

    Thanks for stopping by! I do like a nice set of wheels, but that’s not my priority. A set of wheels in safe, working condition is a huge priority. Of course, diggin’ style as I do, I don’t mind if my ride has just a little bit of flair. I’m with you on the dogs — aren’t they just too cute?

    Yours in pickiness,

  14. Lisaon 28 Jun 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Hey there Molly,
    Well, so much for being first this week LOL

    Oh I DO love cars. My first car was a 1972 Toyota Celica- LOVED that car. In fact if they brought it out again with a modern interior I would be most excited 😀

    I’m with Christa too. I like the Mini Cooper.
    Have to also say to Harriet- Sorry, the Aston Martin Guy is taken LOL.

    Some of these old cars would look shmick all hotted up. Especially the DeSoto. I haven’t seen some of these cars in Australia. So thank you.

    I think driving your favourite car can give you confidence and probably increase valuable endorphins for good mental health. That’s my reasoning anyway for why my husband NEEDS to buy me my Mustang LOL J/K ( wishing)

    I loved the last dog in the front seat. She looks quite concerned that maybe she might actually have to drive this thing hehehehe. I can almost hear her going over the road rules in her mind- red means stop- Oh shit- I’m colour blind-how will I know !! Panic…..

    Thanks Molly

  15. Marta Moran-Bishopon 30 Jun 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Molly,

    My first car was a 1966 yellow Mustang, unfortunately the ex never ever let me drive it. I covet my sisters 1954 convertible Vet, but that too will never be mine.

    My husband has a 1969 Camaro that he drag races. It is a smashing blue, wish I could share a photo. He also has a Dodge Ram Truck (hemi) of course and a 2003 Harley that he never gets a chance to ride. What with the horses, Camaro and me, LOL. That is for sale now.

    I love the old cars they have so much more character g/f. When we go to the car shows those are always the ones I look at.

    Now well it is just a mid-sized car, that gets me from point A to point B. Still trying to work out its name. Yes I do have that tendency to name my cars.

    I wouldn’t worry about the dog on the car; they are usually, from my experience, just big puppies.

    Love your blog as always. Remind me to tell you someday about the $60 bet that paid for my dinner by going up and petting the dog laying on the car.

    Yours as always,

  16. Mollyon 30 Jun 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Hey Marta:

    You know something? You tell the best stories, g/f. I just love hearing from you. You are always so full of fascinating life experiences and so willing to share with us. I just love that about you.

    I have never named my cars, but of course, I have called them names when they didn’t run, or acted up on me.

    I do love cool cars with character — just like with the peeps in my life — I love that personality.

    Always a sunny day in Swansea when you stop by, Marta.


  17. Juliaon 01 Jul 2011 at 6:46 am

    I’m a HUGE fan of the old ford pickup — I drove across the country in a similar one! Fun trip! My current cars are both seasoned so their personalities are well known by the car mechanics! 🙂

  18. James Morrisonon 03 Jul 2011 at 7:52 am

    Hey Molly,

    Great blog as always. The link between cars and the people who drive them has always interested me. I am constantly making judgements about who owns a car before i have even seen them or met them.

    As for the photos above, the nixon car reminds me of 2 of my favourite movies, one from my childhood and one more recent. The first was “Harry and the Hendersons” and the other is the series of “National Lampoons Vacation” movies which had the griswalds in them. Always made me laugh.

    I am a massive fan of old cars of any kind, and i really love the Ford pickup truck and the deSoto. Such awesome looking old lines for a big car. With a little bit of elbow grease they could look great!

    I would love to own a 1967 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang like “Eleanor” from “Gone in 60 seconds” Such an awesome looking car, but im not sure it matches my personality 😛

    I like to think of myself as a kind and funny person, but the mustang just looks angry all the time, and like it could snap at any moment 😛

    anyways its late here now, I best be off


  19. Mollyon 03 Jul 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Hey James:

    So glad to hear from you. I missed you this week. That’s funny what you said about Mustangs looking angry. There’s a certain model T-Bird that kind of scares me. Growing up, a neighbor of mine had one and it always gave me the willies. My younger sister, Hannah, out of the blue, mentioned one day that the car looked like the same car in some movie we’d seen about a really tough gang of kids who rode around in one. I realized that I was making that unconscious connection between the movie and the car. Leave it to my little sister. She’s much calmer than I am and her brain works more efficiently and at a normal speed. ha ha.

    Your comments about the cars just reminded me that indeed cars do evoke all kinds of memories and associations for us. There are a couple of cars I avoid like the plague because I rode in them on a bad date. Really, I’m a freakin’ nut sometimes.

    Love hearing from you. You rock, my friend.

    Yours in pickiness,


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