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Jun 28 2011


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This week, I’m super excited to have Concert/Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter Joy Katzen-Guthrie as my guest. Joy is a multi-faceted woman with quite a diverse background. Welcome, Joy. It’s a pleasure to meet you. You are indeed a woman of many talents and eclectic endeavors. Let me start with your music. How would you describe […]

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Jun 26 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Let me ask you this: What does your ride say about you? I know some peeps are just happy to have wheels to take them where they need to go. Let’s face it, we’re in some tough financial times, and having a car to match your personality isn’t at the top of […]

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Jun 21 2011


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This week, I’m interviewing Chad Renfrow, a very special guy. From Owensboro, KY, Chad has always dreamed of being an actor. From a very early age, he would act out movies in the living room and later create movies with his family’s video camera. And he hasn’t stop pursuing his dream since. Please, join me […]

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Jun 19 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: This week, I’m here to talk about germs. No, not the ones I have dated, but the kind that are ubiquitous and invisible. The kind that make us sick. I’m not quite OCD crazy like Howie Mandel is, but some days, I come close. Like Howie, I do freak out when I […]

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Jun 14 2011


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This week, my guest is Al Boudreau, author of In Memory of Greed, a riveting page turner. Thanks for being my guest this week, Al. Please, tell us a bit about yourself. My pleasure, Molly. I first started writing about two years ago, and discovered that it was a real passion for me. Since then, […]

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Jun 12 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: Do you ever wonder about yourself? Do you ever look in the mirror and say, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” For those who have ever pondered their own behavior, I’m coming clean with ten wacko things I do or have done. I won’t be doing them David Letterman countdown style because I […]

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Jun 08 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: This week, my guest is the fantabulous, L.M. Stull. Originally a D.C. native, she now resides in southern Virginia. She has always been a creative person and studied classical piano and dance from a young age. Her official bio states, “During the day you will find her chained to a desk at […]

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Jun 05 2011


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Greetings, Cool Peeps: “Beam me up, Scotty.” Oh, how I wish what worked for Captain Kirk would work for me. Today I’m going to talk about traveling: the good, the bad, and the ugly. My favorite part about trippin’ is arriving at my destination. Everything in between usually stresses me out. Does anyone like to […]

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